Islamic Fundamentals

A recent Zample captured some fundamental perspective on Islam by answering a highly controversial (and topical) question: Is Islam an evil religion?

Just over 10 years on from ‘that day’ there is still no shortage of ‘debate’ surrounding whether this is true or not, but more and more I think this is fuelled by the real extremists: sensationalist media /publishers.

From 187 answers, there is an overwhelming ‘No’ at 78%. Of course we’re getting some semi-predictable skews in that data: US citizens voted a little lower than Aussies (69% versus 90%) but overall I think that there is a collective awakening (or sensibility) that has formed amongst general, decent people in this new age of enlightenment and that is that we can’t believe everything we read and we need to form our own opinions.

Call it a survey of one, but I’m glad.


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