Should Prostitution be illegal?

Prostitution, of course is the exchange of sexual services for money. Depending on where you are reading this, it could be a punishable crime, permissible but unregulated or a legitimate regulated industry.

So, who has it right? Should the worlds oldest profession be legal today? According to a recent Zample, although small, so far 68% of us think it should be.

I will delve into the international stats after the sample has grown but for now, Unless you have religious based objections to sex out of wedlock full stop, then I would struggle to understand why anyone would belong to the 32%.

Even if you are against the sex trade for some other moral or ethical grounds, Surely we can all agree that its going to happen regardless? It has been going on FOREVER….. EVERYWHERE. Its better for all involved if the industry is run in safe, regulated environments such as brothels with security, regular STD checks etc Rather than by underground crime syndicates and vulnerable girls walking the streets.

As long as it is performed in a safe, respectable manner…. If you want to partake in the sex industry, for whatever reason…. I say, fill your boots son (Or, You go girl)!

As comedian Jim Jeffries so eloquently puts it after taking his disabled friend for a visit to the brothel:

“Arguably, you’re better off in Australia, f**king a prostitute (in a brothel) than picking up a girl in a bar… but you try explaining that to your girlfriend. its a f**king minefield!”



Islamic Fundamentals

A recent Zample captured some fundamental perspective on Islam by answering a highly controversial (and topical) question: Is Islam an evil religion?

Just over 10 years on from ‘that day’ there is still no shortage of ‘debate’ surrounding whether this is true or not, but more and more I think this is fuelled by the real extremists: sensationalist media /publishers.

From 187 answers, there is an overwhelming ‘No’ at 78%. Of course we’re getting some semi-predictable skews in that data: US citizens voted a little lower than Aussies (69% versus 90%) but overall I think that there is a collective awakening (or sensibility) that has formed amongst general, decent people in this new age of enlightenment and that is that we can’t believe everything we read and we need to form our own opinions.

Call it a survey of one, but I’m glad.


Android vs iOS

The battle between apple and google has been playing out for years now and from everything I read I cant see the Android juggernaught being stopped now it has such momentum.

But I don’t think the general consumer population has arrived to the same conclusion (not yet anyway). I think certain socio demographics segments are much more likely to be Apple believers (such as Australia, where iPhone penetration is amongst the highest in the world, presumably due to relatively high dispossible incomes).

A new Zample explores some of these differences: Is Android better than iOS?

Do you think you’re good looking?

It seems some parts of the world are more confident with their appearance than others. Although this Zample is relatively small it’s starting to plot some trends.

  • In Japan a 60% of 22 users voted NO while in the United States over 68% of 44 users said YES.
  • Strangely, males seemed to be less confident (or perhaps more modest) than females – 46% vs 62%
  • Younger people appear to be more confident with their appearance than older people with the exception of teenagers under 18. Could this be a sign of the pressure and self confidence issues teenagers face in high school?

Click here to cast your own vote in this Zample